It's time to drop your diet of spiritual junk food and come taste the luxurious integrity and supreme standards of Energy Alchemy.

With all these spiritual gurus dropping their usual journaling prompts, new Mercedes purchases, a new masterclass teaching the same old feel-good content, and “Comment below to receive abundance” engagement booster on TikTok and Instagram and Facebook and YouTube and LinkedIn and emails and blogs and all the things…

… it has become increasingly clear that they don’t actually give a fuck about the magical quality of their content. 

They don’t give a fuck about magic. What.so.ever.

By claiming their throne as a “thought leader” in today’s day and age, they have done the bare minimum required to fill their inboxes and bank accounts, playing it safe by regurgitating information that is old enough to not disrupt their current field, but new enough (with a dose of current experience) so they can resell the same old withered, tired, content packaged with a new bow. 

And they dare to pass it off as Magic.

Because they think they know what it takes to create Magic.

But – of course – they produce nothing near magic. 

They don’t mine their fields deep enough to uncover true, new Genius codes. They don’t even strike gold.

Mining for magic takes time. It takes precision and serious mastery.

It takes holding tension on releasing something before its ready, and other times releasing it when its chaotically ready. And knowing the difference is what I’m here to teach you.

Content that has not been mined from the deep dark depths of your body cannot hold enough energy to cultivate a True Flood of movement years beyond that piece of content. 

And because the current coaches and gurus don’t face their shadows AT ALL and literally have a “magic formula” that leads them to IGNORE the very Shadow they should be mining… their content lacks gold (and beyond that, Dark magic) and therefore loses power.

I’m looking for the Alchemists.

The ones who know energy and frequency is KING and want to design their life using their own laws, on their own terms and knowing exactly how and when to change it if need be.

And I’m here to teach you how to massively raise your standards so you’re producing supreme, high quality codes for your audience and business – and I want you to get rich as fuck THIS WAY.

Alchemy Academy is our signature membership where I dive deep into the labyrinth of your psyche with you and show you what the fuck is REALLY going on in there, so you can get your hands on the ingredients that really matter.

I show you why it’s not about doing a million rituals a day to create what you want and instead show you how to raise your cumulative frequency in a massive way through alchemy and action to produce results.

It’s time sharpen your consciousness knife and cut through the bullshit.

This membership is for spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to birth an iconic empire and run it on the frequency of their Genius instead of outdated, borrowed codes from the collective.

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Live and recorded episodes on energy mastery and alchemy.

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A library of codebooks that will deliver potent examples of the power of alchemy.

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Complete archetype map with their nuances, astrology and body elements.

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Exclusive tutorials on the archetype map, body activations and more.

I’m Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty – Multimillionaire and Money Code Alchemist.

When coaches have had enough of trying some magical, mystical way of building a business without TRUE mastery of turning frequencies of Genius into Money…. they find me.

I don’t believe strategy trumps all unlike a lot of business coaches out there.

I also don’t think journaling or visualizing or keeping your emotions or thoughts in check is the way to go.

I believe in energy mastery. I believe in alchemy.

I believe in APPLYING unique frequencies to strategy.

I believe in designing my business and life to suit my very precise and demanding standards.

And I’m here to show you how to build a luxury, spiritual coaching empire that shines your unique brilliance and brings you serious wealth.


Eva Lepik: $47k in 2 weeks

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“When I decided to jump into a 1:1 container with Sonika and Naveed I had recently got a deeper knowing of what my genius is about more precisely. More intimacy with my genius also meant I needed to leave the known behind. While I was submitted to it, I could feel I was holding myself back somewhere. I just had this extremely strong urge to move faster and really start to move and create.

I was kind of baking the goods within me, but was not sharing the stuff with the world, I was holding it to myself. While I knew what I was going to do there also was doubt because I didn’t want to mess up this beautiful new thing I now had.

Now I see that I can do anything and enjoy anything my genius brings me. There is no one right way to do anything. I just choose and move as fast as I want to or as slow as I want to. It really is very easy to do anything, because nothing is ever wrong. Sonika and Naveed helped me to see clearly where I was holding myself back.

As soon as I got out of my own way, I launched my new membership in 1 week + made $22k sales with it in 2 weeks. After averaging $12k per month for the previous 6 months. And sold 3 of my 1:1 packages in 1 week, with 2 Facebook posts.

In total, I made $47k sales in October, all within 2 weeks.

I see time in a different way. My energy has changed. I trust the potency of my codes on a new level. I deliver even with silence.

My clients started to see codes as soon as I fully submitted, also people who had no experiences of that kind before. What I see is going to change because of this is no more doubting. I’m going to enjoy building my spiritual imperium fully, wherever it takes me. I trust my genius and I absolutely know there will be more of some seriously awesome magic opening up in me.”

Eva Lepik - Founder of Sinine Kookon

Laura Caputo: $100k in sales

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Laura Caputo’s $100k in sales & finally learning about the power of magic within her body system:

Something major happened for Laura when she enrolled to work with Wild Dynasty. Time for her collapsed. And the impossible happened.

3 days later:

Laura: “I need to tell you: right now i hit my first ever 100k sales month (cue a million emojis.)”

Sonika: “How did it feel?”

Laura: “I had to activate my Warrior a lot two weeks ago, and this is what I did. But these last days i just knew they would come.”

This six figure month included a $30k pay in full client.

She activated a new world of magic within her, one just uniquely hers that she began to explore – one that doesn’t have, and can never have, any progressive link to external results. Because it’s magic not of this dimension.

But one that results in a life that is ALSO not of this dimension.

The impossible is the specialty of the New consciousness.

Laura Caputo - Dark Rose Woman

Gitte Lassen: $72k in cash

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When Gitte L. first came to me, she was exhausted, overworked, and had no fire in her. Selling $100 courses and barely earning enough to pay her expenses left her doubtful that someone like her, who loved teaching so much and never identified as a salesperson, could ever make it in this monstrous world of coaching.

With these numbers, most mentors would turn to action. To movement. To motivation.

But at Wild Dynasty, we know the problem sits within your coding. Deep within your energetic blueprint. And it comes down to extremely precise moves that you flip you from poor to wealthy overnight.

Through the process of mastering Shadow Alchemy, Gitte crossed her biggest cash month ever at $72,000 (with six figures booked in for the year already).
She went on to have $100,000 sales month, a number she couldn’t even FATHOM was a possible reality for her at ANY point in her lifetime.
Energetic alchemy creates PERMANENT change on a deep, core level in a way that surpasses every tool on the planet.

Gitte Lassen - Founder of MetaMystique

Laura Balmer: $100k sale

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“Today I celebrate my third 1:1 Private Coaching Client!
…She is a perfect 1:1 client.
…And it is exactly how Sonika Asif told me, that, when I am confident enough I will do also business coaching as art like ecstasy.”
A steady stream of wealth has been activated.
By what?
By her authority. Her new-found powerful presence.
A tiny tweak to her pricing struck gold. She went on to not only have a six figure month, but signed her first $100k client – and then her client went on to have a $150k DAY.

Laura Balmer - Founder of Laura Balmer

Heather McGregor

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I learned about the archetypes from a previous coach, quite some time before finding Wild Dynasty. It was helpful, but it wasn’t until I experienced the depth and aliveness that the Wild Dynasty team brings to it that things really began to shift. I’m so much more aware when I’m operating in Shadow and I have the tools to actually shift energy rather than it just being a mental activity, or a rewiring of thoughts.

Having this awareness has allowed me to experience magical and effortless sales in my business, and while I’m not there 100% of the time yet… I’m on my way! Investing into learning the archetypes has shown me so much about myself and the deeply enmeshed Shadow I’ve been in despite all the years of “transformative lightwork”. I see the expression of the archetypes across everything and everyone… which has also made a massive impact in how I coach/mentor my clients to get results much faster!

Tracy Poizner

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Holy fuck, I just did it. Spent the morning refining the email and clicked send.

I just 4X’d my price… I left my annual plan open to existing clients at the current price of $1697 and offered a bundle of 3 or more consults to use as desired (to make some fast sales) but if they don’t want to buy any kind of plan, I actually told them I’ll refer them to another practitioner!

I advertised 3 months @ $1800, 6 mo/$2400 and 12 mo/$3500.

I used the words “genius”,”potency” and “alchemy”.

In print.

Oh, and I created a new name and new modality.

Medicatrix, Mind/Body Medicine.

Not a bad morning’s work.

Lauren Zavlunov

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Hyper speed happening. I had some one ask about what a custom package would look like. I’ve really been hooked into some content today – I should charge more, she won’t invest at this price, no idea what it will be, so I want 1:1 etc. and then I made it not matter.

I got empty and something super cool happened. My body went right into canva. I feel really activated and euphoric when I am creating art there. And holy shit there it was.

The art wants to come FIRST- wordless, priceless. I had never done that before (of course). I tuned into her, created a graphic that was totally alien (like clouds and angel wings and electricity) then all the data came through and that was that.

Message and image sent and I walked away. Delicious. 5k. She’s in. (And it killed me- she used a diamond emoji when she said she wanted it. Dead.)

Alejandra Nicolazzo

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“I need to buy groceries in a couple of days to be able to feed my son!” I told Sonika certain that she would understand the crisis I was in.  Instead she remained nonchalant.

She invited me to see the situation as a game.

With that, ALL my power returned. I had hit rock bottom, and it truly didn’t matter.

The next day from the tension held, a simple idea birthed. By the end of the day I had made $400 through my lesser active instagram account.  Just enough to cover my groceries and cover my phone bill that had come in.

A month later I’d made another $9,300 in sales.

This may not sound like a lot to some, going from not being able to feed my kid to bringing in over 9k in a month, but the real miracle for me was who I became in the process, someone who doesn’t fall for the illusion of crisis, someone who knows how to spin terror into genius, and EVEN more meaningful than this is how much FUN I had making the money and the ridiculous explosion of creativity that I have experienced since that day.

I had learnt to animate genius and I was having the time of my life for the first time building a business from a place of my deepest truth.  I had discovered an endless well of creativity within me that for most of my life had run dry.

I feel like I just woke up from a spell of amnesia. I know who I am and why I’m here… a veil is lifting and I can feel the waves of euphoria coming through, a sense of bewilderment. A coming together of the clues, leading to this moment.

Nitika Bhatnagar

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Last week I had an art show… sold 2 paintings. I showed up without doing anything extraordinary like I usually do. My studio is set with an area for art display anyway. My work was all the older art. Nothing new. I showed up for the experience to just have fun. I removed any shadow around anyone buying anything or the expectation that anyone would buy or the pressure of not another weekend wasted… I just showed up to connect and have fun.

And I sold 2 big pieces… I mean I haven’t sold anything in years… and now 2 without me asking for it. I sold one and then the next day I was like hmm let’s see can I push it… no pressure if I don’t… just for the fun of it, and then a women came back for the piece that has already sold. Anyway she commissioned a piece with similar colors. And then interestingly the first lady called and left a message to exchange it out. Like wtf ! Well the piece went to the second lady and a new piece is being created for the first lady.

Like omg !!! Like what the heck. It’s an old piece that none ever noticed . It wasn’t even one of my main pieces… just one that I put out as I had space…

Gloria Grace

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I am not exaggerating if I say that this concept can and will save lives. Literally. If I would have stayed on the light grid (as a coach) for too long, my body would have eventually shut down very soon, I think. I healed so much shit for the collective through my body, meanwhile experiencing tremendous body symptoms id I didn’t “manage my energy” for sometimes hours per day (which is insane)…. I don’t know for how long I could have made it, if I wouldn’t have come across your teachings.

Maria Parker

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I already started thinking differently, feeling differently, less stressed. I listened to Sonika’s first season sessions probably 4 times each as I’m finding more details every time I listen. I also listened to beautiful music created by Naveed which I find very magical and helpful.

Just recently things started happening to me once I just randomly think about them. For example, I’m late for a meeting and I wish they could reschedule the meeting. And then I find out the meeting is rescheduled for a more convenient time. 

I wanted to see an old friend who is currently in town for only few days and can only meet on days I can’t. He just sent a message today that actually he can meet today, plans have changed. 

I want my boyfriend do something for me, just small favours and he does it without me even asking, like he can hear my thoughts. I think of a person and he appears in my life. 

Omg! It’s so crazy! I’m trying to hold still and enjoy magic as Sonika always says.


Sylvia Swann

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The Wild Dynasty categorization of archetypes, their voices, motivations and genius codes makes up the ultimate cross-dimensional framework for metaconscious expansion. The energetic candour and precision with which it is woven ensures that it crosses the mind-body barrier, which makes it acutely relevant for our time. 

Alchemy Academy is our signature membership where I dive deep into the labyrinth of your psyche with you and show you what the fuck is REALLY going on in there, so you can get your hands on the ingredients that really matter.

I show you why it’s not about doing a million rituals a day to create what you want and instead show you how to raise your cumulative frequency in a massive way through alchemy and action to produce results.

It’s time sharpen your consciousness knife and cut through the bullshit.

This membership is for spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to birth an iconic empire and run it on the frequency of their Genius instead of outdated, borrowed codes from the collective.

Enroll Now for $149 / Month

Cancel your subscription at any time.

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