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Conscious Creation

the experience:

The Saboteur / Magician bundle introduces you to the two archetypes that have kept you stuck in the old collective Mind channel – from being able to fully upgrade your Mind to an individuated state. The Saboteur archetype has kept you caged in needing evidence, lack of belief in magic, and slow procrastination and progress. The Magician is your alchemical solution to belief regardless of evidence, powerful intuition and the ability to quantum leap through time.

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the bundle includes:

3 x Training Videos: Inside the bundle you receive 3 recorded trainings on the Saboteur and Magician archetypes, explaining the specific nuances and providing you with a deep-dive into their expression. These videos will open your eyes to how the Saboteur has been running your life, and precisely how the Magician archetype can help you achieve mastery.

1 x Saboteur Mythbook: The Saboteur mythbook whisks you away to the mythical land where the Saboteur’s Shadow is applied to a real-life scenario so you can see its expression in the real world. This mythbook doesn’t give much away so it’s up to you to decipher where exactly the Saboteur plays its game.

2 x Workbooks: Access the Saboteur and Magician workbooks that ask you extremely triggering and potent questions to help expose the Shadow currently running your life. Most think exposing Shadow is enough but it’s not. WORKING the Power archetype through ACTION is also key to lock in the upgrade in your body.

2 x Cheat Sheets: We’ve comprised two cheat-sheets for you for the Saboteur and Magician archetypes that includes their Polarity, Astrology, Body element as well as all of their Expressions and Animations.

The Archetype Map: This insanely detailed map has been refined for two years now, and it’s SUPER powerful. We’ve gone super deep into each archetype, including their traits, voices, even their Masculine / Feminine state AND their astrology.


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