You have a Cosmic Labyrinth within you that holds the DNA to your most euphoric life.

It’s no secret that we don’t believe in the progression of time, and trust and submit fully to alchemical creation.

In every single moment we are always choosing one of many multidimensional doorways to pass through. If you ever believe you’re “waiting” or “taking your time”, what you’re really doing is selecting and walking through a door that instigates that environment, those feelings and ultimately the results that action brings.

We want to awaken you to the true power that you host, the real true vision you possess and the ability to design PRECISELY the results you want in ANY given situation.

The Game of Consciousness

Level One

There is Level One of the consciousness game where you master the alchemical transformation of Shadow into Power. You learn to take your power back and charge ahead, ready to face any adversary that befalls you.

Level Two

Level Two of the game is what we’re inviting you to play: The actual refinement and design of your MOST EUPHORIC outcome to absolute precision and a chance to pull back the curtain on the cosmic codes within you – and finally see your true fucking magic.

It is one thing to be courageous and powerful in all situations. It’s another to design the situation precisely using your own body, the planets, and other natural elements so you get EXACTLY what you want, EXACTLY when you want it.

There is a burning question you have inside of you... Wondering if this is as magical as it gets.

Whether you truly can get yourself to the level of energetic precision where what you say happens – no questions asked. Whether you can cast forward codes from your very own field and see it create change in someone else’s health, business, relationship and more, knowing full well that YOU did that.

YOU influenced matter. You can bend it and break it and morph it and transform it.

You can animate it and become it and disrupt it.

And the KEY to being able to unlock those abilities lies in a combination of energies: Your body, the archetypes, and the cosmos.

When you start to see the planets and stars as your very own “wizards” or Celestial council – WITH the understanding that we operate in a micro/macro world where WE also host the codes of each of these planets…

You get to work with them in really fucking cool ways.

Let me tell you a story that occurred one magical Full Moon night...

We at Wild Dynasty recently performed a POWERFUL full moon CodeCast experience.

And the synchronicity field activated itself in such a powerful way, in a way none of us had experienced before.

Because we were not only experiencing synchronicity… but actually coding it to occur. (Which is like, the God-level of the game.)

On full moon night after the CodeCast (Which is REALLY what you’re doing when you’re performing any kind of ritual), I couldn’t sleep a wink. Every time I closed my eyes I saw the full moon way up close, in complete silence, and the words “Sturgeon Moon” just kept looping in my head.

When the moon finally set at 6 AM is the only moment I fell asleep.

I had no clue why it kept me awake all night. And since I work with constellations specifically because that’s real time data, I realized the full moon was in Capricorn (my sign.)

Over the next few days, my vision went from Gold to Diamond (this is how your sight upgrades as you progress in your mastery) and I started to see the actual grid of consciousness.

I would know clients would reschedule before they did. I could know the exact word or sentence to say that would unravel the illusion for them. I could see the other side of the portal I had so badly wanted to travel to for years but didn’t dare because it meant leaving behind my old business and credibility and blah blah.

The planets are the upgraded “Spirit Guides” if you will, in the New consciousness. And if you truly allow yourself to be activated by them and allow their codes to install into your system, you will see a MASSIVE upgrade in your psychic abilities.

When YOU upgrade – life upgrades.


Exceeded My Expectations

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I really enjoyed this meeting. And one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of it was the experience itself. Which exceeded my expectations, there is something about what fascinates me. It’s about how you all interact with your clients and how professional you are. It is admirable. Thank you.

And in terms of Celestial Blueprint everything what was in the chart was true. It helped me better to understand what was going on. And also I see why this chaos is now in my life. The next steps became clearer to me. This chaos inside me was put into words and put in structure.

I’m excited again about what’s to come. And I know that much more is unfolding.

Regina Muul

A True Gift

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My Celestial Blueprint and the call that was part of it were stunning. The manner in which the material was delivered by Naveed and Ashley was impeccable , crystal clear and any questions I had were answered.

A deepening of where my strengths are as well as being so right on in so many areas of my life. Building a life in a foreign arena and money sourced from foreign sources wow, Cosmic Bullseye! I am in year 46 of living in SE Asia and I have certainly built an amazing life here in Northern Thailand and Bali.

I also gained clarity on how to move my groups to the next level and to refine the Myth I present to my travelers in a new manner. I.e. My Body of Work. The part of activating the body’s of all I come in contact with as well as my own at the next level rings so true for me.

As Sonika has suggested I listen to one or more of Naveed’s Activations daily, they are potent for me and truly bring the work right into my body. This fits perfectly timing into the Mythmmaker and working with the Vagus Nerve.

The Celestial Blueprint is a true gift. The gift that keeps on giving and deepening each time I work with it. I highly recommend it to all who work with Wild Dynasty, Sonika and Naveed!

Kenji Ballard

This 60-minute session is very important and special to us. These CodeCasts that we have done in private, we will now do privately FOR YOU.

  1. To begin this process, you will fill out an application with all of your information and then schedule a call with us.

  2. We will pour over your birth chart, transit charts and use real-time data of where the cosmos are right now – as well as archetypal energies and tarot cards / oracle decks to further refine EXACTLY what we need to pull through for you.

  3. Inside your application you will let us know the one burning question that you require an answer to. And through this experience we will pull through the exacting message you require, as well as activate your current field to unveil further details over the next few days after our session.

  4. We will then get on a call together with you and share all of the magic that occurred and provide you insight into where the current of magic truly is for you, and what sacrifices – if any – need to be made for you to access this current. This call recording is yours to keep.

  5. You will also receive a BEAUTIFUL report with all the details and in-depth analysis of your celestial blueprint and actual photos from our CodeCast that we performed for you.

We are super excited for you to become a part of our circle for one of these sessions and we can’t wait for you to experience the magic that awaits you.

What this session can do for you:

  • Unlock money that’s been hidden in your field

  • Instantly disrupt and rearrange codes in a relationship for an ideal outcome

  • Heal your body in specific areas

  • Undo a situation you need undone

  • Instigate a flood of ideas where you’ve been frustrated by lack of creativity

  • … And so much more!

Enroll Now for $600


Question? Email us at concierge@wilddynasty.com

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