Something different occurred one fine day in May 2018.

A disruption like no other shook the magical world of consciousness, bringing with it the newest, mind-blowing data that humanity never thought possible.

Dark portals opened all around the planet, making its raw chaos codes known to those who could see them.

For millennia, the Light has ruled as the ultimate idol and icon for those of us walking the path. This was the period of Enlightenment. Where humanity began to reflect, and through reflection realized that we hold low-frequency shadow as a collective. Distorted data that must be brought and alchemized into Light so we can better serve each other and our planet.

Thus began the flood of energy management tools, techniques and study.

First taking place deep within caves, forests and high up in the mountains, the need to become energy masters quickly trickled down to the masses, when the Earth was hit with the New Age Spirituality wave in the 1980’s.

Further expansion occurred with the infamous 2006 documentary called The Secret which introduced us to spiritual leaders all around the world who knew of the path of Reflection & Management and we began to upgrade ourselves as a collective.

This has now become known as Law of Attraction or Manifestation in its most commercial form.

We at Wild Dynasty were as deeply entrenched in this world of manifestation as one could be. Working directly under the top spiritual leaders in the industry, and rising to become their top consultants left us with a library of knowledge on almost every book, seminar and teaching ever performed on this topic.

ut we couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was missing.

Despite the money, homes, clients, health, and love manifested… the magic was missing from our lives.

A one-size-fits-all strategy and an industry inundated with millions of tools that were constantly being regurgitated left us confused about where to turn, or who to ask about why we felt like this was incomplete.

Sitting down to journal, visualize, read, repeat affirmations and manage our thoughts day in and day out began to feel…. like hustle.

Which is what we realized this was. While we didn’t physically hustle as much as those who hadn’t yet learned the ways of Light Manifestation… we were still energetically hustling.

Somehow we knew… it was never supposed to be this hard.

If we truly are powerful creators, it is not through visualizing and journaling and affirming that we unleash our magic and ultimate power.

It is through submission to Dark Genius that we are able to fulfill the one concept that Lightworkers have been trying to achieve for years and years:

How to TRULY be present and create magic from Nothing.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

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Some frequently asked questions about Dark Consciousness are:

  • What exactly happened the day the Dark portal opened?

  • What exactly is Dark consciousness?

  • What are Dark codes?

  • How does the Dark body differ from the Light body?

Naveed & Sonika, CEOs of Wild Dynasty sat down with Colleen, the silent Oracle at Wild Dynasty, to answer all these questions. Hear from her directly on what occurred the day she SAW the codes come in, what they looked like, and what they truly meant.

We’ve now made this 2-hour video experience available to you for free.


2-Hour Experience

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