The darkest realms within you that whisper the true brilliance of your gifts aren't enough if they're not making you rich.

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You’re not above refining your Gifts.

You’re not above selling them.

You’re not above marketing them.
And you’re sure as hell not above doing the work required if you truly want to make your gifts MATTER TO THE WORLD.
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I’m Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty – Multimillionaire and Money Code Alchemist.

When coaches have had enough of trying some magical, mystical way of building a business without TRUE mastery of turning frequencies of Genius into Money…. they find me.

I don’t believe strategy trumps all unlike a lot of business coaches out there.

I also don’t think journaling or visualizing or keeping your emotions or thoughts in check is the way to go.

I believe in energy mastery. I believe in alchemy.

I believe in APPLYING unique frequencies to strategy.

I believe in designing my business and life to suit my very precise and demanding standards.

And I’m here to show you how to build a luxury, spiritual coaching empire that shines your unique brilliance and brings you serious wealth.


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Wielding the power of TRUE pricing

Learning to create QUALITY impact

The key to no longer being scared of physical action

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