The Challenge

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It’s not a frequency many people achieve.

Because it requires you to come completely out of hiding.

 100% of you needs to shine.

And, it requires total submission to your unique icon, and what that icon requires from YOU in order to allow you to carry it’s presence on this planet.

Your power, iconic presence, and magic show up in your marketing.

In your sales.

In your relationships.

In your voice. Your eyes. Your expressions.

The same way, your LACK of power, iconic presence, and magic ALSO show up.

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5 Days with me - for FREE - immersed in a dark pool of cutting-edge truth where I will show you what it really takes to market, sell and perform in a way that stands out like no other.

  • Define what you stand for and what you’re really here to do

  • Find your true Genius voice

  • Uncage your wild side

  • Give zero fucks about what anyone else thinks about your own true expression
  • Design your own unique business structure based on your own Genius

  • Carve out your own space in the industry

  • Submit deeply to your own imperial ground

I’m Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty – Multimillionaire and Money Code Alchemist.

When coaches have had enough of trying some magical, mystical way of building a business without TRUE mastery of turning frequencies of Genius into Money…. they find me.

I don’t believe strategy trumps all unlike a lot of business coaches out there.

I also don’t think journaling or visualizing or keeping your emotions or thoughts in check is the way to go.

I believe in energy mastery. I believe in alchemy.

I believe in APPLYING unique frequencies to strategy.

I believe in designing my business and life to suit my very precise and demanding standards.

And I’m here to show you how to build a luxury, spiritual coaching empire that shines your unique brilliance and brings you serious wealth.


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Come prepared. Icons go all in.


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