A 3-Month Mastermind to launch, market and sell the fuck out of your magical offer that brings in supernatural levels of wealth.

It’s time you understand how to be the Genius and frame yourself into matter at the same time.
The CEO that commands matter, and the Warrior who dives into it to craft it.
Let me help bring your two wild worlds together to create a monstrous experience that is YOU.
Three months inside a badass intimate circle of Dark Coaches / Healers / Energy Workers who have an experience brewing inside of them that they know doesn’t exist anywhere else – and need help in bringing it to fruition (aka lots of fucking money, clients and euphoria).
Get ready to get your hands dirty while you also become untouchable on your Diamond throne.
This is the alchemical frame that will call you to work with:
Two places at once.
Mastering the whispy, unfathomable frequency of your Dark Genius, while placing diamonds precisely to create the strongest, most powerful frame for it to live in this dimension.
In other words… How to get luxuriously rich with your crazy, monstrous magic.
It’s time the Dark within you comes out to play. It’s time you make an impact. It’s time your Genius becomes influential.
I’m going to work directly with each and every person to design offers, marketing, sales moves and alien-level multidimensional left turns that literally make you go:
“How the fuck did I get here and where did all this money come from.”


The Onyx experience is specifically designed for coaches, healers and energy workers who have a running business and are working at it consistently.
This 3-month mastermind experience has been activated to be the bridge between Wonderland and Matterland, where you will receive precise code upgrades and learn to work closely with the Dark Archetypes within your body and labyrinth in order to bring your dark, disruptive, magical as fuck vision to matter in a way that makes you seriously rich.
It’s time to come out of the Luxury Closet.

This is FOR you if you're:

  • If you’re ready to get RIDICULOUSLY wealthy from your own Genius frequency.

  • Inundated by so much content on social media that you can’t figure out what’s yours and what’s not.
  • Taking physical action that isn’t multiplying your magnetism and therefore your income.

  • Constantly facing rejection in messages or on sales calls and it seems like no one gives a fuck to listen to you.

  • Lacking command over your audience in your marketing and expression where it feels like you just can’t make an impact.

  • It feels like there’s no space for you and things are so saturated that you’ve tried everything to stand out but nothing works.

  • Feeling like a fraud because your results aren’t matching up to your teachings even though you KNOW your teachings are Truth but you just can’t seem to apply it to yourself and have it actually work.

  • You may have seen success previously, and now are confused about why don’t feel the same way as before and things seem SO much harder for you in this industry.

  • You’re feeling a lack of connection between your Truth, your offerings and business and your money. It’s like everything has come apart and you’re not sure how to piece it back together.

  • You’re plagued by constant self doubt and are questioning yourself to no-end, where you once used to feel so confident you now wonder if you’re broken.

  • Things feel strangled, stuck, caged and you just want to explode and move forward but it just keeps feeling it’s not the right time.

  • Building things and then deleting them because you seem to have lost your inner compass on where you need to go and what needs to stay / be shed.

  • Falling into temptation to map yourself to what others are doing, especially those who seem to be “getting it right” because that seems to be the only thing working right now, and that kills your fire completely.

  • Feeling like the Law of Attraction itself has broken down and you don’t know how to manifest anymore.

  • Not trusting yourself anymore because you’ve seen constant failure and don’t know how to get your confidence back.

  • So terribly wanting to create a powerful, magical offer and launch massively and kickstart your business but every time you try, you end up in the same place.

  • Feeling like nothing sticks anymore no matter what decisions you make, they all seem to come apart.

  • Knowing you need to make a brand new move, maybe completely rebrand yourself and you’re scared that it will cost you your followers and previous reputation.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You think you know it all and are just here for a mental orgasm but don’t intend on transforming yourself.

  • You’re not willing to put everything on the line, including your reputation and audience to dive head-first into your Genius.

  • You just want a quick fix to earn some quick cash and aren’t interested in building an EMPIRE.

  • You’re interested in the idea of a multi-million dollar empire, but aren’t interested in putting work into it.

  • You’re here to sabotage yourself by proving to yourself nothing ever works for you.

  • You’re just here to challenge ME on what I know to be true but aren’t interested in figuring out your own Truth.

  • You’re not interested in growing your business at a massive scale.

  • You don’t have a business at all right now.

  • You’re unsure about whether you even want a spiritual business.

  • You’re not willing to go all in and take massive action.

  • You aren’t willing to take risks and get uncomfortable.


Apply with caution. Shit’s about to get magical and very, VERY rich.

Your answers below are your sales pitch as to why you should be accepted into this elite-level experience with us. Be thorough and give yourself your best chance.

After you apply, we’ll be in touch to schedule a call.

I’m Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty – Multimillionaire and Money Code Alchemist.

When coaches have had enough of trying some magical, mystical way of building a business without TRUE mastery of turning frequencies of Genius into Money…. they find me.

I don’t believe strategy trumps all unlike a lot of business coaches out there.

I also don’t think journaling or visualizing or keeping your emotions or thoughts in check is the way to go.

I believe in energy mastery. I believe in alchemy.

I believe in APPLYING unique frequencies to strategy.

I believe in designing my business and life to suit my very precise and demanding standards.

And I’m here to show you how to build a luxury, spiritual coaching empire that shines your unique brilliance and brings you serious wealth.

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