Dark Body Activation
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Dark Body


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The Experience:

A Dark Body Activation is a signature remote activation that installs and digests dark codes into your body to bring online your dark body system. This is where your disruptive, monstrous genius becomes accessible.

This is a crucial step to aid you through the unhooking from the Light body so you begin to develop a taste for the Dark and can host your new myth, your core frequency, diamond-building tension, and more.

Through this activation the portals come online and the light body takes a back seat. This completely changes how you work with energy and codes to create their results.

Your magnetism is amplified and you are finally able to cease all previous forms of energetic management.

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Access Details:

A 30-minute remote activation

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Email us anytime at concierge@wilddynasty.com

Leslie Meyer

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This morning I had my Dark Body Activation! I had no expectations and was just ready to receive whatever came through.

It was profound but not in a magical fireworks type of way.

Quite near the beginning I had a headache and my vagus nerve felt like it was blocked up on my right side like, but that subsided shortly after.

Later on I saw something that looked like mix between a big slab of granite and a whole galaxy enter my body on the left side.

Towards the end all of a sudden it felt like I had folded into myself and was swimming like a diver through my body and seeing it as was described in the Evolution Of Consciousness video.

So here I am, officially in the dark.

Sylvia Swann

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I had my Dark Body Activation yesterday following a cosmos shattering submission/breakthrough the night before and I just went still. I have no story, it’s all gone. There’s nothing to do. Nowhere to be. Spent the day yesterday sitting on the couch, taking a shower, being acutely present in my submission. I didn’t want to watch the series I was crazy about a couple of days back. I wrote a disruptive post in our premium membership group and then disappeared energetically from the whole thing. Like, I don’t have a business because I disappeared and I submitted to that AF. At the end of the Dark Body Activation I entered the white field. I was tested and I submitted. And I saw the new soul being born.

How can you speak when you have had such profound experience.

Towards the end of the day I went back and played the Money Code Activation and had extreme, embodied revelation about money. I found my taste for money. I get money now.

A few years ago I had a sudden vision of an online luxury brand offering a game of radical ascension, or enlightenment or whatever, a passage, a game that came alive when you played it, like Jumanji. It would shape itself to your myth. It would destroy and shatter, heal and make hole on euphoric levels by revealing and unravelling your story to you as you went along. The templates would take on a design when you opened your pages that was tailored and coded to you alone to bring you deeper into the experience. There would be portals within portals to bring you deeper and deeper. From desert, to oasis, through the fire. You would be leaving the world never to come back the same again.

This vision is coming back to me now, having walked through the veil with my whole body through something not much unlike it. A new version of the thing I saw is beginning to form. I am ready to write it, now that I truly know what it takes. And its form is not a download that’s being dropped on me like the stuff I used to get. It’s just unravelling in front of my eyes. I see that it is a script that will be magically shaped as I go along, so I won’t lift my gaze and stare into the future. As it is liberated from the need to make me money and from the desire of money, it will be a piece of art that is completely worthless. But my taste for money will be there in what I do.

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Wild Dynasty has some insanely activating experiences available.

Naveed A., our Chief Sales Officer and Dark Curator, is your guide as you journey through our world.

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