Genius Art Activation is a set of personalized activations with Naveed A, Dark Artisan at Wild Dynasty.

You will receive both art and music activations created specifically for you and coded with your unique genius tone.

A Message from our Dark Alchemist:

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During a Genius Tone Activation, I compose your genius tones by creating custom music that will insert and activate new pathways in your body, which then summons your genius and your brilliance to be your primary source of energy for creation.

Your genius will then begin to influence your business, branding, marketing, every aspect of your life, and you will unfold and amplify your own unique world into existence.

When my body upgraded to the new portal system, my pineal gland became a diamond, which fashioned a frequency channel between my pineal and the crystals in my ears. This is how I hear your genius tone.

To activate and summon your genius frequency, you’d simply listen to it on loop as often as possible, like taking doses of supplements.

Along with the Genius Tone Activation, I also provide you an art activation where I create bespoke digital art that holds your genius codes. You can use it as printed artwork for your wall or frame it somewhere you spend a lot of time and it sits as a beacon that aids you in pulling your genius world onto this grid.

This expands the dimension in which you experience the activation.

This is a very special experience. What is created here, is your unique genius art. It exists for no one else on the planet. It is like hearing your genius with your own ears; seeing it with your own eyes; this helps you develop a taste for it and moves you into deep devotion and submission to it.

From the desk of Naveed A., CSO of Wild Dynasty


Summoning Your Genius
Genius Art Activation
Genius Art Activation
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Genius Art

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Access Details:

You will receive a link to schedule your call and the zoom details for your live session. You will get downloadable access to your activation once completed.

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Email us anytime at concierge@wilddynasty.com

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Wild Dynasty has some insanely activating experiences available.

Naveed A., our Chief Sales Officer and Dark Curator, is your guide as you journey through our world.

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