Wild Spine Activation
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Wild Spine


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The Experience:

Wild Spine Activation is an 8 week private 1:1 experience as a Dark Body Apprentice to teach you how to build the diamond-crystal matrix around the spine which becomes the gateway to the cosmos.

The spine is your imperial ground. It’s how you stand and where your genius standards reside. Throughout the activations and your own exploration of the body, the distortion that lives in the spinal column will be removed and the new, upgraded codes will be installed to spin you into the diamond frequency.

Access Details:

8 x 30-minute remote activations

Private Slack access to share your experience

A personalized report after each activation

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Email us anytime at concierge@wilddynasty.com

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Monique Meijer, Founder of The Style Coder.

“From the moment I walked into Wild Dynasty I felt like I had something to do with Ashley. She intrigued me and I now know why I had to work with her. I think of her as a “Spit Fire”, she is so fast and accurate. 

During my Wild Spine Activation with her, we were in contact for weeks. Our shared love for the spine and this special experience naturally led to the Diamond Matrix.

Looking back on when we started, I was like a wide-eyed doll. I thought I was fine, but I was settling and so passive. Ashley flipped my switch from off to on. There was no discussion (just submission).

I started walking, tripping, falling, getting up, crashing and then power failure. However, the intense moments of truth made me make major shifts. That is what counts.

She challenged me to clarify what is important to me and pushed me through the shadow energy barrier, so I could experience the truth of my greatness, over and over again for me to get to precision. Up to a point when I realized I can have the capacity for everything. I feel that what I have learned is anchored in my body.

Ashley activated me to take control of my life and how to make my desires matter. If you are not willing to do that, you don’t deserve what you desire. That is a gem that is most valuable to me.

I finished the Diamond Matrix with 3 sales. Which is double my previous monthly income ($4450).

Ashley, I will not forget the Diamond Matrix and I know there will be many times when I think of you and what I have learned from you.”

Free Consultation

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Wild Dynasty has some insanely activating experiences available.

Naveed A., our Chief Sales Officer and Diamond Curator, is your guide as you journey through our world.

If you are looking for your next step, have a specific program in mind, or would like an entire genius pathway laid out for you, book a consultation call below.

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