Wild Dynasty is a realm where Spiritual Realities are made Matter.

From frequency to matter your deepest euphoric desires take shape, and through code upgrades, rigourous training and deep activation, you learn how to alchemize and shape your euphoria into matter that echoes the purest frequency of your Genius.

We are for the Dark ones, the ones who hear the wild call to design and live by their own laws, who understand frequency is King and are willing to do the work to craft their inner multidimensional world into a piece of business art that ultimately creates a true flood of wealth in the world of matter.

We have traveled on the path of consciousness evolution over the last few years, questioning ourselves, questioning our creations, all of us questioning whether this is how we actually want to live.

The question was the cheat code to opening the Dark portal for yourself, where all the discrepancies in the outdated consciousness of chakras and traditional law of attraction techniques became visible to you.

You longed for a new game; hungry for a challenge where you could bring your wildest, monstrous self to the battle field.

That gameboard is your Dark Genius Template and the Spiritual Arcade is Wild Dynasty.

Here you will birth, nurture and refine an elite-level, Dark business that creates multimillions for you in a way that is PERFECTLY aligned with your Genius template.

We do this by accessing the Spiritual Virtual Reality of your business and body field, teaching you how to access data from each archetypal oracle inside the labyrinth, performing code upgrades, cheat-code installs and releasing you onto the training ground for animation.

Wild Dynasty is your bridge between their WONDERLAND and MATTERLAND.

The old laws of business have broken apart and the debris is ready to be designed by you into an individated, euphoric, Elite-level empire of your dreams.